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Taking care of your Home Improvements

After the time and money spent to improve your home, it is imperative to look after your investment; our care guides will help make that simple. 

Windows & Window Coverings


On top of the actual window design, you have to think about your window covering, are you going to go for blinds, curtains, drapes etc?


Window & Glazing Care Guide

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Windows are easy to care for - if you know how. Follow our easy to use care guide for some tips on how to keep your windows clean. 

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We know that building a conservatory that looks fantastic can improve your home. Follow our conservatory care guide to maintain your conservatory.

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Maintain your roof

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Taking care of our roof is one of the most important yet often neglected responsibilities. We have a few ways you can take care of your roof 

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Bathroom Care Guide

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Have you ever wondered about how to unlock a drain or repair grout? Or whether you're cleaning your bathroom correctly? Why not read our Bathroom Care Guide. 

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Kitchen Care Guide

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With our simple to use Kitchen Care Guide, you can keep your kitchen sparkling for longer.

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We believe that finding a tradesman should be simple, that's why we have included our find a tradesman search on the website.

What's more, our members have been rated on average 9.58 out of 10 by 770,461 homeowners like you, so when you are searching for a member you can have peace of mind in knowing they are one of the best in the country.

You can even read reviews left by past customers about the contractor and request a quote right there - from their profile. All of this means you can easily find out more about the contractor and whether they are right for you and your contract needs.

Are you in a rush? No problem - you can even request the contractors details as a text - straight to your phone.

What is simpler than that?


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