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Taking care of your Bathroom

A well maintained and professionally fitted conservatory can increase the value of your property. Use this guide to care for it and keep it well maintained.

Dealing with Leaks & Condensation

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Bathrooms that are not properly ventilated will remain humid long after showering or bathing, making for a much more inviting environment for household mould.

Repairing grout & sealant

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Tiled surfaces, such as those in the typical bathroom, need to be grouted to prevent moisture from getting in between the tiles and damaging the wall beneath or the adhesive that keeps the tiles attached.

Maintaning Shower Doors

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Shower doors, whether they slide or swing, need to be inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Unblocking drains

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There's rarely any need to call a plumber if you have a blocked drain, unless you've tried all the DIY fixes and the problem keeps recurring.

Fixing blocked taps

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If the flow of water from any taps in your bathroom or kitchen is inadequate, then limescale is by far the most likely culprit.

Cleaning your bathroom

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Cleaning the bathroom at least once per week may be standard procedure for any self-respecting homeowner, but there are certain things that tend to get overlooked,

Bathroom Remodelling

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Despite being one of the most important and frequently used areas of a home, bathrooms are rarely a glamorous affair and, as such, they tend to be among the last rooms to get a major facelift.

And Finally

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For most households, a light clean at least once per week, combined with a deep clean every month, along with an inspection for any leaks or damages, should help to keep the plumber away for quite some time.


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