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Taking care of your Windows and Glazing

Windows are easy to care for - if you know how. Follow our easy to use care guide for some tips on how to keep your windows clean.

Caring for Window Glazing

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A regular cleaning schedule is important to keep your glazing looking its best, but it can also help to maximize the performance of your windows

Frame Cleaning and Maintenance

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Proper care and maintenance for window frames is also very important, even though it tends to get overlooked.

Maintenance of Parts

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Under normal conditions, uPVC windows shouldn’t need any additional care when it comes to parts such as locks and hinges unless, of course, they are broken, in which case you’ll need to contact the manufacturer for further advice or enlist the help of a professional tradesman.

Dealing with Condensation

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Contrary to popular belief, window condensation doesn't only affect old homes with old windows. 1 in five British homes are affected by condensation-related problems during the winter months.

And Finally...

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Whether you are replacing or reparing your windows, you should ensure that, given the substantial investment involved, you are suitably protected.


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