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Financing your next home improvement

Properly planned home improvement can be one of the best investments you will ever make: but can you afford it?

Your best deal

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You can get up to 28 months spending on a credit card at 0%, and for lower sums this is usually your best deal.

Check the small print

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Before you apply for a loan, check for any catches. Some deals may look amazingly good – but have conditions you should watch out for.

Are there early repayment charges?

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You may not think it likely when you get your loan – but there’s always a chance you will be able to pay off your debt early.

Watch the interest rate

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Essentially you have to try and get the money you want at the lowest interest rate with as few restrictions and charges as possible.

Costly complications

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If there are lots of complicated extras, no matter how appealing, be careful!

Get the right kind of interest

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Always ask the lender how the interest is being computed. 

Hidden costs to watch out for

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Check all the fees.  How much will it actually cost you to get the money?


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