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Mortgage Life Insurance

Your property is probably your greatest asset. Make sure you don't lose it's benefits...

Two kinds of Mortgage Life Insurance

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If you take out mortgage life insurance you must have enough cover to repay your mortgage should you die before the term of the mortgage ends.

A little catch to watch out for

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For a long while, many people paid for their mortgage life insurance twice without realising it. Make sure you’re not one of them.

No dependents?

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Don’t buy something you don’t need. If you have no dependents - this may not be a necessity.

 Can you save by switching?

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It can indeed pay to shop around but remember, it depends on your age, health etc. 

Guaranteed premiums

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When you buy mortgage term cover you get two premium options: guaranteed or reviewable. What's the difference...

Riskier = pricier

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Besides your age and state of health the price of your life insurance will go up if you work in a hazardous environment or smoke regularly.

Where to get the best deal

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With insurance as with everything else it pays to shop around. So we’ve done it for you.

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Life Insurance isn't as expensive as you think...

what would happen if something were to happen to you... Is your family covered?

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