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Home Insurance

Use our 9 simple checks help ensure your most valuable asset is 100% covered. 

Double excess?

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You probably already know, your excess is the portion you have to pay first. Afterwards, your insurer stumps up the rest of the cash.

Insure the rebuild

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Depending on where you live, the difference between buying a house and building one can be enormous.

Is the total content value insured?

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Insure the total value of your contents. That way everything is 100% insured.

List high value items seperately

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Many insurers insist you list these items separately (usually anything between £750 and £2000). If you haven’t done this, they might not be covered.

Check your surroundings

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Are there any tall trees within falling distance of your property? Is your property in an area that’s likely to flood?

Can you leave?

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Make sure you can leave your home long enough to enjoy yourself. 

Have you been transparent?

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There’s no point hiding details from your insurer. If you do, you could be paying good money for zero protection.

What if you work from home?

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If you work from home, anything in your office could be considered “business-related.”

Beware the comparison sites

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While they’re terrific for getting lower quotes and haggling down your provider, they have weaknesses too.


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