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Taking care of your Conservatory

A well maintained and professionally fitted conservatory can increase the value of your property. Use this guide to care for it and keep it well maintained.

Routine Care and Cleaning

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You probably already clean your house every week or more often, so it makes sense to incorporate your conservatory into your regular cleaning schedule. 

Caring for the Interior

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When buying a new conservatory, it’s particularly important that you choose quality glazing, preferably along with the added protection of an insurance-backed guarantee.

Caring for Glazing

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Conservatories are designed to bring the outdoors inside, so they quickly lose their appeal if the glass gets dirty.

Caring for Blinds

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Caring for conservatory blinds, particularly those installed along roof panes, might not be the most appealing of household chores, but a regular maintenance routine can save you a lot of work in the longer term.

Caring for Locks, Hinges & Handles

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Locks, hinges and handles generally don’t require regular maintenance, but they do need some occasional attention, particularly if any fittings start to squeak.

Caring for Mastic Sealant

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Any small gaps at the edges of doors or windows should be sealed using a suitable mastic sealant to prevent damp from getting inside the conservatory.

Caring for Gutters

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Keeping on top of your home’s gutter and downspout maintenance is particularly important in countries like the UK where there’s quite a lot of rain.

And Finally

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Having a new conservatory can seem like a lot of extra work, but by incorporating it into your regular cleaning routine, you’ll be able to keep it looking at its best for longer while also giving your family a comfortable and pleasant place to use throughout the year. 


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